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Ready-to-use websites
Websites with unique design
Website modules
Website design, banners, corporate identity
SEO and website promotion
Website maintenance
Website hosting
Rent Website!
Internet Business
About our services
Internet business
Website development
Website maintenance
Optimization and promotion
Website hosting
Domain registration
Websites to buy or sell
Websites for lease
Advertising on websites
And other services
Бесплатно по РФ:8-800-333-50-40
Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
How to earn — actions to increase your income:
  • Please, tell to your acquaintances

    Tell about the Company and its services in development of websites, advertising in Internet, website maintenance, launching business in Internet to your acquaintances and friends in the real world and in Internet (,, blogs, forums and so on).

    Let everybody, who is interested and made an order on behalf of you, bring you money. Company will fulfill all the work, you will only have to receive money steadily for all your life while the Clients are making orders in the Company.

  • Use the scope of unused possibilities

    Offer the services of the Company to those who do not have their site yet or whose site is not advertised in Internet. You will find a large number of Companies which do not have sites in ‘Yellow Pages’ or reference books.

    Offer our services to those who come to your office, and also to the clients of your company - it is profitable and will not take much time! And you will recieve money from each order of the client you will refer to us!

    You will be able to earn more and more, recommending the to your clients. You will get commissions for each client.

    And another thing: even if some company has its own website, you can offer it the whole range of our services: advertising in Internet, maintenance of the site, domain registration, hosting and so on (you can read the list of services in the section ‘Our Services’).

  • Use your website

    Place affiliate links or banners of the on your website (sites). Each click will be taken into your account and you will get money from the fulfilled orders steadily and in time.

  • Communicate with people

    We offer the following variant to earn money to those which can communicate with people and possess the gift of the persuasion and sales. Print out affiliate documents (commercial offers, agreements, price-lists).

    Use them while visiting business centers, malls, shops, hair-dresser’s saloons, gyms and so on, offering services of the Earn money on your skills quickly and at ease.

  • Establish your business and become a representative in your region or city

    Do you want your income to grow day by day? Then, you will be interested in the suggestion to become the only representative of the in your region or city.

    You will be added on our website as our representative and all the Clients from your city will be automatically sent to you for a direct communication with you.

    As for us, we can fulfill all the necessary work for the Client. The position of an official representative is awarded only upon a high level of your sales, an official contract is concluded with the representative.

  • Advertise the services in Internet

    Use the affiliate link for advertising in Microsoft AdCenters, Google AdWords, banner networks and other advertising platforms. You will get return from each fullfilled order.

  • Create your own web company

    You can create your own web company with the help of our affiliate program without expenses on registration of a legal entity, office lease, payment for programmers and designers.

    We shall fulfill all the orders of your clients with the affiliate discount of 25%. Your clients will never know about us. You will be mentioned as the web-studio that fulfilled the client’s order on the developed websites. We shall create a website for your web-studio for free!


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