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Бесплатно по РФ:8-800-333-50-40
Regulations of the affiliate program <style type="text/css">

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Regulations of the affiliate program

1. Participants of the affiliate program. Participants of the affiliate program can be natural persons and legal entities, citizens of any country.

2. Payment for affiliate services. We shall pay you fixed commission of 25% from the cost of the paid order.

3. Methods of payment. All the affiliate payments are made in US dollars via the electronic payment system PayPal. You can get information about this system here:

4. Minimum sum for payment. Minimum sum for payment is of 100 USD. In case if the affiliate commission does not exceed 100 USD, the money is left on your account until the sum of commission reaches at least 100 USD. Payment of affiliate commissions is made every month, from 1 to 10 day of a month.

5. Affiliate commission. Affiliate commission will be paid only if the order is arranged and paid for by a buyer which was referred by you.Affiliate commission is transferred only for the paid orders.The affiliate commission will not be paid if:

  • The buyer who came from your website was not taken into your account by our system for technical reasons ("Cookies" were switched off on buyer`s computer, etc).
  • The buyer entered the shop by affiliate reference of the other affiliate.
  • The buyer who arranged the order via your affiliate reference, did not pay for it.

6. Terms and Conditions. The buyers which make orders via affiliates are considered to be our buyers and subject to the rules of our shop. The rules of the shop can be changed by us without any notice.

7. Disputes. In case the disputes occur, the parties shall strive for solving the disputes and differences arisen by means of negotiations. In case if the parties do not come to an aggrement, the dispute is subject for consideration in the Canadian court.

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