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Optimization and promotion  

Promoting the website is the only way to get more visitors and more visitors mean more money. Let us help you promote your new or existing website. Some of the ways we promote your website are as following:

Promotion in search enginesis one of the effective ways of advertising. It is also expensive. Both the price and period of advertising are calculated individually. It gives an excellent results - Your website is placed on one of the first positions in search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo, and others).

Microsoft AdCenteris a written advertising that is shown by key words in the search results of You pay not for the advertisement display but for real visitors of your website. Besides advertising in Microsoft AdCenter, there is advertising in Google called ‘Adwords’ and is a similar system of contextual advertising.

Viral advertising, guerrilla marketing, non-standard advertising Viruses are not always bad! Viral advertising allows to get much more results than the usual one. Both the viral advertising and guerrilla marketing are difficult for realization but having been properly performed, they produce results which will last continuously and let your goods and service be imprinted in the minds of consumers. The result is obvious.

Banner advertising consists of nice pictures. With the description of your website which will bring visitors to your website. Banners are usually placed on other websites which are popular among Internet users. The price is individual for production and placement. It depends on purposes of advertising and exposure.

Classifieds posting there are more than 6500 topic sections where information about your services, website is placed, in general, you can place anything you’d like to. We do it quickly. Effect is obvious. This method is used even if there is no website, however the effect lasts longer (more than one year) if you have your own website. What about price? - Depends on frequency of posting.

Registration of the website in catalogs registration in more than 13 000 catalogs lets the website receive a great deal of topic references and increase website traffic. It is recommended to use this immediately for website promotion after the website development.

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