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Бесплатно по РФ:8-800-333-50-40
Internet radio 60,000 $
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The broadcasting with the help of radiofrequency is still used, but costs a lot, requires the license, antennas, big number of workers in every town, where the radio station plans to work with the audience and advertisers.

The broadcasting on the Internet doesn’t require the license, physical presence in the towns, lets you have the minimal personnel; the advertisement office can be centralized, and so can be the personnel.

Fewer expenses, more the audience covering, more profit are the main features of the Internet radio. The essential task is to give to your audience what they want, what they interested in and what will make them to return. Over and over again.

And as you have fewer expenses, than classic radio stations, so you can invest more in development of the programs, and the result – it means the loyal audience and good advertisers – will come faster.

So, the Internet radio is obviously a good way to do your business on the Internet. This sector of the Internet business is rather new, thus, if you start right now, you will take a good place in this business.

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